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GENERAL MANAGEMENT: Direct the processes from the administration and execution of sports, recreational, physical activity programs, habits and healthy lifestyles, physical education, extracurricular activity and good use and exploitation of free time, according to the needs of the population, in especially the most vulnerable sectors; promoting its dissemination and access to information; and coordinating the development and execution of the programs, processes, projects and activities with the different associated and professional sports organizations, guaranteeing an adequate administration and conservation of the scenarios, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Valledupar, with exclusive dedication and permanent availability.

PLANNING: Establishes strategic planning and the management of human talent as a fundamental tool for the development and execution of public management and provides an objective and systematic approach in terms of legality and integrity through human development, training, social welfare and the organization of qualitative and quantitative information that allows senior management to make decisions based on evidence.

Secretariat: Carry out the administrative processes, management of the agenda, attention and orientation to the public, entry of people to the Office of the Director General, filing, receipt and distribution of documentation received and sent by INDER.


INTERNAL CONTROL:Direct, advise, develop, control and coordinate the processes of Implementation, verification, monitoring and evaluation of the Internal Control System, MECI and Quality Management System, Public Management System, Integrated Model of Planning and Management, to guarantee the timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, economy and transparency of the activities of INDER Valledupar.


ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL: Plan, direct, supervise and control the financial processes of the entity, coordinate the processes of collection, payments, investments and other expenses of the Entity, Coordinate, supervise and control the financial performance on the solidity of the agents of the System and propose the solution strategies when it is the case, Coordinate, supervise and control the budget area, Coordinate, supervise and control the activities necessary to make the payments of the entity prior compliance with the current legal and tax provisions, as well as the management for the collection of the financial resources required by INDER Valledupar.

Accounting: Advise, develop, control and execute the accounting and human resources processes, be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the warehouse, Inventories of personal property of the Entity and develop the payroll settlement procedures and social benefits of the Entity's officials .

Documentary Management and Archive: Plan, manage and organize the documentation produced and received by the entity, from its origin to its final destination in order to facilitate its use and conservation, taking into account these activities, the Archival Instruments implemented in the Administrative Department of Public Function, in compliance with Law 594 of 2000 "General Law of Archives" and other provisions issued by the General Archive of the Nation - AGN


SPORTS: Advise, coordinate, plan, design, develop and execute the programs, processes, projects and/or activities of INDER Valledupar, in accordance with national policies on sports, recreation and physical activity and use of free time, framed within the thematic axes of the National Sports System in the municipality of Valledupar.

Sports Promotion: Promote, encourage, develop and execute the programs, processes, projects and/or activities of sports, recreation, physical activity and use of free time in the municipality of Valledupar, through INDER Valledupar.

Sports Infrastructure: Manage, advise, assist, conceptualize, supervise and administer the sports parks and venues of the municipality of Valledupar, in charge of INDER Valledupar.


LEGAL AND CONTRACTING: Coordinate the process and performance of the Legal Office, assume the technical and legal defense of the Entity, attend to requests, requests, complaints, complaints and claims, conceptualize and prepare the contracting processes in their pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual stages and contribute to the formulation and elaboration of the Policies and planning processes of INDER Valledupar.

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