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We are a decentralized Public Establishment of the territorial order, with administrative and financial autonomy and independent assets, in charge of promoting, organizing and directing sports, recreation and physical activity in the municipality of Valledupar

Object Missionary

Direct, plan, program, execute and control sports activities, recreation, physical activity, habits and healthy lifestyles, physical education, extracurricular activities and good use and exploitation of free time, according to the needs of the population, especially of the most vulnerable sectors; promoting its dissemination and access to information; coordinating the development and execution of programs, processes, projects and activities with public law entities, non-profit private law entities and associated and professional sports organizations; and managing and executing resources for the design, construction, adaptation and maintenance of the Sports Infrastructure of the municipality and guaranteeing adequate administration and conservation of the parks and sports venues under its responsibility.


Inder offices in Valledupar

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