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6. 1 General Description.

6.1.1. General Description of the Participate Menu.

6.1.2. Publish information about the mechanisms, spaces or instances of the Participate Menu.

6.1.3. Publish the Citizen Participation Strategy.

6.1.4. Publish the Annual Accountability Strategy.

6.1.5. Publish the Anticorruption and Citizen Service Plan (PAAC).

6.1.6. Publication of general accountability reports.

6.1.7. Calls for the participation of citizens and value groups in the spaces, instances or actions offered by the entity.

6.1.8.Calendar of the annual citizen participation strategy.

6.1.9. Form  citizen registration for participation processes, instances or actions offered by the entity.

6.1.10. Deliberative interaction channel for citizen participation.

6.2 Structure and Sections of the "PARTICIPATE" menu.

6.2.1. Diagnosis and identification of problems:

6.2.1.a. Publication topics of interest.

6.2.1.b. Toolbox.

6.2.1.c. Evaluation tool. 

6.2.1.d. Disclose results.

6.2.2. Participatory planning and budgeting:

6.2.2.a. Percentage of the budget for the process.

6.2.2.b. Enable interaction channels and toolbox.

6.2.2.c. Publish information about decisions.

6.2.2.d. Visualize advances in decisions and their status (traffic light).

6.2.3. Public consultation:

6.2.3.a. Consultation topic (standards, policies, programs or projects) and its summary.

6.2.3.b. Enable consultation channels and toolbox

6.2.3.c. Publish observations and comments and responses to draft regulations.

6.2.3.d. Create a link that redirects to the Normative Section.

6.2.3.e. Provide evaluation tool.

6.2.4.Collaboration and innovation:

6.2.4.a. Provide a space for consultation  on topics or problems.

6.2.4.b. Call with the challenge.

6.2.4.c. Inform current challenges and report the frequency of voting on solutions in each challenge.

6.2.4.d. Publish the chosen proposal and the criteria for its selection.

6.2.4.e.Disclose the work plan to implement the designed solution.

6.2.4.f. Publish information about developments or prototypes.

6.2.5. Accountability:

6.2.5.a. Enable a space for citizens to apply for topics.

6.2.5.b. Communication strategy for accountability.

6.2.5.c. Calendar dialog events.

6.2.5.d. Articulate to accountability reports in the Transparency Menu.

6.2.5.e. Enable a channel for dialogue events Articulation with the national accountability system.

6.2.5.f. Dialog Event Questions and Answers

6.2.5.g. Memories of each event.

6.2.6. Social control:

6.2.6.a. Inform the modalities of social control.

6.2.6.b. Call  when starting execution of program, project, or  contracts.

6.2.6.c. Summary of the topic under surveillance

6.2.6.d. Auditor or Supervisor Reports

6.2.6.e. Facilitate activity evaluation tool.

6.2.6.f. Publish the record of the observations of the oversight offices.

6.2.6.g. Improvement actions.





6.1 Sectoral and institutional policies and guidelines.

6.1.1 Sectoral and institutional policies and guidelines.

6.1.2 Manuals.

6.1.3 Strategic, sectoral and institutional plans.

6.1.4 Citizen Service Plan.

6.1.5 Anti-paperwork plan.

6.1.6 Anticorruption and Citizen Service Plan in accordance with Art.   73 of Law 1474 of 2011

6.1.7 Content of any decision and/or policies that it has adopted and that affect the public, together with its grounds and any authorized interpretation 

6.2 Public spending plan

6.2.1 Action Plan 

6.2.2 Annual Procurement Plan 

6.3 Programs and projects in execution

6.3.1 Programs

6.3.2 Projects

6.4 Goals, objectives and management and/or performance indicators

6.4.1 Management Reports 

6.5 Participation in policy formulation

6.5.1 Mechanisms or procedures for policy formulation 

6.5.2 Policy Formulation Guide

6.6 Splice Reports

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