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Budget planning and reports

4.1 General budget of income, expenses and investment

1.1. Publish the general budget of income, expenses and investment for each fiscal year

4.2 Budget execution

4.2.1. Publish information on the approved and executed budget execution of annual income and expenses.

4.3 Action Plan

4.3.1. Objectives.

4.3.2. Strategies.

4.3.3.  Projects.

4.3.4. Goals.

4.3.5. Responsible.

4.3.6. General purchasing plans.

4.3.7. Budget distribution of investment projects along with management indicators.

4.3.8. Disaggregated budget with modifications.

4.4 Investment Projects

4.4.1. Publish each investment project

4.5 Splice Reports

4.5.1. Connection report of the legal representative and the expense computers, when there is a change of the or of the same.

4.6 Public and/or relevant information.

4.6.1. Disseminate reports or communications of relevant information.

4.7 Management, evaluation and audit reports

4.7.1. Management Report. 

4.7.2. Accountability report before the Comptroller General of the Republic

4.7.3. Accountability report to citizens.

4.8 Reports from the Office of Internal Control

4.7.4. Reports to inspection, surveillance and control agencies

4.7.5. Improvement plans:

4.7.5.a. Publish the current Improvement Plans required by the external or internal control or auditing entities.

4.7.5.b. Link to the control body where the reports that it has prepared in relation to the obliged subject are found.

4.7.5.c. Improvement plans derived from accountability exercises before citizens and value groups.

4.8.1. Detailed report. 

4.8.2.  Other reports and/or queries to databases or information systems, as applicable.

4.9 Report on Public Defense and Prevention of Unlawful Damage

4.9.1. Report on Public Defense and Prevention of  Unlawful Damage. 

4.10 Quarterly reports on access to information, complaints and claims

4.10.1. Report, regarding follow-up on complaints and  claims.

4.10.2.  Report on requests for access to the  information, which must contain the following

4.10.2.a.  number of requests received.

4.10.2.b. Number of applications that were transferred to another entity.

4.10.2.c.  Response time for each request.

4.10.2.d. number of requests in which access to information was denied. 




4.1 Obligated subjects of the national order

4.1.2 Single Regulatory Decree

4.2 Obliged subjects of the territorial order

4.3 Other Subjects

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