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7.1 Information management instruments.

7.1.1 Records of information assets:

7.1.1.a. Name or title of the information category. 

7.1.1.b.  Description of the information category content.

7.1.1.c. Language. 

7.1.1.d.   Conservation medium and/or support. 

7.1.1.e.  Format.

7.1.1.f. Information published or available.

7.1.1.g.  Link to

7.1.2 Index of classified and reserved information:

7.1.2.a. Name or title of the information category.

7.1.2.b. Name or title of the information. 

7.1.2.c. Idiom.

7.1.2.d. Conservation medium and/or support.

7.1.2.e. Information generation date. 

7.1.2.f. Name of the person responsible for the production of the  information. 

7.1.2.g. Name of the person responsible for the information.

7.1.2.h. Legitimate purpose of the exception.

7.1.2.i. Constitutional or legal basis.

7.1.2.j. Legal basis of the exception.

7.1.2.k. Total or partial exception.

7.1.2.l. Term of the classification or reservation.

7.1.2.m. Link to

7.1.3. Information publication scheme:

7.1.3.a. Name or title of the information.

7.1.3. b. Idiom.

7.1.3.c. Conservation medium and/or support

7.1.3.d. Format

7.1.3.e. Information generation date 

7.1.3.f. Update frequency. 

7.1.3.g. Consultation place.

7.1.3.h. Name of the person responsible for producing the information. 

7.1.3.i. Name of the person responsible for the information.

7.1.4  Document management program:

7.1.5.a. List of series, with their corresponding documentary types

7.1.5.b. Adopted and updated by means of an administrative act or equivalent document in accordance with the legal regime for the obligated subject

7.2. Open Data Section.

7.2.1. Enable a view of your data in the Open Data Portal  (

7.1 Management, evaluation and audit report

7.1.1 Reports Sent to the Municipal Council 

7.1.2 Fiscal Accountability Reports 

7.1.3 Accountability reports to citizens

7.1.4 Reports to inspection, surveillance and control agencies

7.2 Internal control report

7.2.1 Detailed reports

7.3 Improvement Plans

7.4 Control entities that monitor the entity and supervision mechanisms

7.5 Information for the vulnerable population   

7.6 Judicial Defense 

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