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Entity Information

1.1 Mission, Vision, Functions and Duties
1.2 Organic Structure.
1.3 Maps and Descriptive Letters of the Processes. 
1.4 Institutional Directory
1.5 Public Directory of Servers
1.6 Directory of Entities. 
1.7 Directory of Associations or Associations in which it participates.
1.8 Service to the Public, Rules, Forms and Attention Protocols 
1.9 Procedures Followed to Make Decisions in the Different Areas
1.10 Mecanismos De Presentación Directa De Solicitudes, Quejas Y Reclamos A Disposición Del Público En      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_   Relationship With Actions Or Omissions Of The Obligated Subject.
1.11 Calendar of Activities and Events.
1.12 Information About Decisions That May Affect The Public.
1.13 Entities and Authorities That Monitor It.
1.14 Publication of Resumes.

Camilla Jones
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