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3.1 Annual Procurement Plan

3.1.1.  Annual procurement plan of the entity.

3.2 Publication of contractual information.

3.2.1.  Contract management information in the SECOP.

3.3 Publication of the execution of contracts

3.3.1.  Start and end date.

3.3.2. Contract value.

3.3.3. Execution percentage.

3.3.4. Total resources disbursed or paid.

3.3.5.  Resources pending execution.

3.3.6. Number of additions and additions made

3.4 Contracting, acquisition and/or purchasing manual

3.4.1. Contracting Manual, which contains the procedures, guidelines and policies regarding acquisition and purchases.

3.5.1. Publish the formats or contract models and standard specifications, if applicable.

3.5 Formats or models of contracts or specifications






3.1 Mission and vision

3.2 Functions and duties

3.3 Processes and procedures

3.4 Organization chart

3.5 Public servants and contractors information directory

3.5.1 Directory of officials 

3.5.2 Directory of Contractors

3.5.3 Salary Scale

3.6 Directory of entities

3.7 Directory of guilds, associations and other interest groups.

3.8 Job offers

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